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JSC Irkutskkabel

The JSC "Irkutskkabel" was designed and built as a highly specialized plant for manufacturing two main groups of cable products: bare aluminum and steel reinforced aluminium conductor for overhead power supply lines and for power cables, exceptionally with aluminum cores. The need in insulated wires was determined by the building of high voltage electric power transmission lines from the Irkutsk, Bratsk, Krasnoyarsk, Ust-Ilim hydroelectric power stations. The power cable was needed for building the Bratsk, Krasnoyarsk and Sayan aluminum plants, the Bratsk and Ust-Ilim wood-treating complexes. The power cable was needed for building the Sayan and Usolsk "Khimprom" enterprises.

Every year, the plant personnel have mastered the manufacture of new types of products.

In 1966, the first phase of the shop producing bare conductors was put into operation.

In 1973, the production of the power cable with PVC insulation was launched.

In 1974, the production of the cable with paper-impregnated insulation was mastered.

In 1976, the manufacture of control cables with plastic insulation was launched.

In 1993, the plant started, one of the first in Russia, the production of self-supporting insulated cables

In 1996, the first batch of power and control cables with copper current-carrying strands was released.

In 2003, a new production line for gas vulcanization of the «Maillefer» Company was mounted at the plant, and the manufacture of power cables with XLPE insulation for 6-35 kV voltage was mastered.

In 2009–2011, a line of fireproof, combustion-propagation-free electric cables having high indices of reliability and fire safety was designed, the technology of their manufacture was developed and their industrial production was established. For participating at the creation of this new line of cables, Lubov Efimovna NALIOTOVA, the chief of the office for technology development at the technical department of the ISC "Irkutskkabel" received a reward of the Russian Federation government for the year 2010 in the field of science and technology and was given the rank of the "Laureate of the prize of the Russian Federation government for 2010 in the field of science and technology".

In 2012-2014, some scientific research and experimental designing projects were successfully carried out for creating a DC high-temperature superconducting VTSP cable.

In 2016, the plant started production of modern cable products such as power cables with ethylene-propylene rubber insulation.

In 2017, a project was started up for manufacture of installation and control cables in a flexible version.

The same year, the production of bare compacted wires including those with a carbon composite core under a license of the American Company «СТС GLOBAL» was started.

At present, the JSC "Irkutskkabel" manufacture more than 40,000 marks and sizes of cable products the nomenclature of which takes into consideration the needs of all the branches of economy, and continue the work for mastering new kinds of products and for modernizing the production.

In 1994, the JSC "Irkutskkabel", one of the first in Russia, certified the system of quality management and continue to permanently improve it. At present, the system of quality management is certified as to the conformity to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015, of the National Standard GOST R ISO 9001-2015, of the State Military Standard RV 0015-002-2012. In 2016, the plant successfully implemented and certified the system of quality management as to the conformity to the requirements of the Gazprom local standard 9001-2012. Thus, the JSC "Irkutskkabel" has become the only plant for manufacturing power cable products the quality of which is controlled by the system of quality management according to the Gazprom local standard 9001-2012.

Every year, the JSC "Irkutskkabel" have been developing and implementing measures aimed to improve efficiency of labor, to retain existing jobs and to create new jobs under a close contact with the enterprises of the Shelekhov municipal district.

This enterprise has been successfully implementing, already for several years, the norm "Economical production", paying a particular attention to a constant involving of the staff to modernization processes, to the material and moral incentives of the workers. Thanks to the activity of the workmen in filing rationalization proposals and in the use of a project form for performing modifications, the enterprise shows good results in reducing the time of execution of an order, in minimizing stocks, in increasing production capacities and in implementing technologies for increasing efficiency.

Development of modern information technologies plays an important part in the increase of the production management efficiency. For the last years, the plant has succeeded in the solution of a plurality of tasks while implementing the main world's achievements in this field. Among the main successful implemented projects, a joint project with the technical service for standardizing and automating calculations of structures and technologies of cable manufacture. Program platform represents a comfortable and efficient mechanism for controlling changes in large arrays of regulatory information. From the technical point of view, the system was built on the basis of a complex in the class of automated design engineering (APS) and now it represents a universal solution among the cable-manufacturing enterprises of Russia. It is worth to note as well a project for improving the processes of production scheduling with the use of the concept of the APS/MES scheduling and control of semifinished article production per processes in real time. This solution provided for a considerably higher optimization of the plant production facilities, for getting the possibility to check, at any moment, the status of each order, to reduce the time of reaction to unforeseen circumstances and to increase turnover of the finished product storehouse.

The JSC "Irkutskkabel" permanently improve the work of additional training of the personnel and that of mastering second (related) professions in order to maintain the crew and the labor potential of the enterprise. The possibility to improve the competence and to learn anew without leaving work is granted to the workers of the enterprise. Competitions of professional skill, fast contests, master classes are performed at the enterprise. The workers have a possibility to go in for sports at a sports complex.

The JSC "Irkutskkabel" pay a high attention to the development of supervising ties with the general instruction establishments of the Shelekhov district and take part in charity actions. This enterprise is a trustee of the secondary school No 4 of the Shelekhov town , and since 1980, it is a trustee of the "Center of assistance to children left without care of parents" of the Shelekhov town.

Today the JSC "Irkutskkabel" is one of the biggest cable-manufacturing plants of Russia. The achievements of the enterprise represent a merit of the whole team. An efficient development strategy, a production process organized with competence, a highly qualified effort of all the team - these are the components of the success of the JSC "Irkutskkabel".