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JSC Kirskabel

The year 1729 is considered as the date of foundation, when Grigory Viazemskiy, a merchant of Khlynov founded an iron foundry on a side of the Kirs river. The products were characterized by a high quality which was attested by an order to manufacture iron sheets tinplated on both sides for the first roofing of the Winter Palace.

The shop number three became the father of the cable production, and aluminum wire of the ATB quality, aluminum drawn rods and copper wires were the first products of this new profile.

In 1946, a complete renovation was carried out and the plant obtained the name "Kirskabel".

The year 1968 is the start of manufacture of cables with a mineral insulation. Kirskabel have unique technologies for manufacturing cables with a mineral insulation, without any analogs in the world. These cables can be used in systems of heating, fire warning of high-rise buildings, in control and measuring systems.

Nowadays, "Kirskabel" is actively developing, it masters new types of products, takes part in investment projects. The nomenclature of the cable and wire products manufactured by the enterprise is rather wide:

In 2002, the manufacture of block-signalling cables for the needs of the Ministry of Railways, as well as that of LS cables with a low smoke emission for nuclear power stations were started.

Since 2004, the plant produces the LAN cables, categories 5е, 6, 7, and radio frequency cables, types RG6, RG11.

In 2007, the JSC "Kirskabel" started the manufacture of self-supporting isolated cables of the brand SIP (ABC).

In 2008, the JSC "Kirskabel" increased the capacities for manufacturing high cross-section cables in a plastic insulation (more than 95 mm2 and up to 400 mm2). Nowadays, the plant "Kirskabel" can produce cables of this type with the volume of 700 km per month.

In 2008, the JSC "Kirskabel" launched a shop for producing cables for the needs of the nuclear industry, which manufactures such kinds of cable and wire products as instrumentation cables with a fireproof construction, control and power cables with the indices FRLS and HFFR. The equipment for the new shop was purchased at the leading world's manufacturers - companies Niehoff, Davis-Standard and others.

In 2009, the JSC "Kirskabel" was the first Russian plant that started the manufacture of special high-temperature conductors (АСТ).

In 2012, the plant mastered the production of conductors with a composite core (АССС) and that of compacted wires (АСk2y).

In 2010, the JSC "Kirskabel" started production of installation cables with a high fire safety.

Since 2009, the JSC "Kirskabel" have produced high-voltage cables with XLPE insulation. In July 2008, an agreement on technical partnership with the Japan leading cable concern «Furukawa Electric» was signed. In the frame of this agreement, the «Furukawa Electric» Company transferred some technologies of manufacturing high voltage cables with XLPE insulation. As a result of this cooperation, at the JSC "Kirskabel", a new shop for producing power cables for 110 kV with XLPE insulation was built. The shop is equipped with the most modern equipment.

In 2013-2015, the production unit was modernized and the serial production was organized for a cable up 110 to 220 kV and with the cross-section of the current-carrying conductor up to 2 500 mm2. The cables successfully passed type tests carried out at the testing stand of the OJSC "VNIIKP", Moscow, and to annual electric tests of the 220 kV cable system at a testing stand of the Test Center VE of the JSC "NIIPT", Saint-Petersburg. The "Kirskabel" plant obtained a certificate of conformance for the 110-220 kV cables.

In 2016, the plant of the JSC "Kirskabel", jointly with the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation started launched the project "Development and organization of serial production of a new generation of high-voltage cables up to 550 kV".

At the present day, a high-voltage test station has been mounted, and the first Russian cable for the 500 kV has been manufactured.

The plant "Kirskabel" is provided with the most recent equipment for manufacturing cable and wire products and represents one of the recognized leaders on the market of Russia and CIS countries.

The plant carries out a permanent work on mastering new types of cables according to world's standards.