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Technical seminar of company EVN NPT

On March 21, 2018, in the city of Hanoi (Vietnam), a technical seminar of the biggest electric network company EVN NPT of Vietnam was held. At this technical seminar, attended by the managers of electric networks of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Dmitry Egorov, the Director of exports of the "Unсomtech" Holding took part.

Dmitry Egorov submitted for consideration innovative constructions of bare and insulated conductors for overhead lines to the state electric network company EVN NPT of the Vietnam Republic. These structures present a lot of advantages compared to ordinary constructions. The main advantages are a higher transmitted power of the wire, an increased breaking load which represents one of the most pressing solutions of the problem of line breakings in case of disasters, lower sags of conductors.

The most important tasks of the Vietnam power engineering are not only a gradual replacement of 10 kV cable lines with paper-impregnated insulation by lines using cables with XLPE insulation, but the maintenance of old operating lines with paper-impregnated insulation. The plants of the Unсomtech Holding produce both the cables with XLPE insulation and the cables with paper-impregnated insulation.  

A great number of questions asked at the seminar were related to the correspondence of the GOST Standard (Russia) and of the International standard IEC. Dmitry Egorov explained that at present, an important part of the GOST Standards has been harmonized with the IEC Standard, and all the products of the Unсomtech Holding are manufactured with the new equipment of the leading world's brands and overbalance in many respects the products of European cable plants.

At the cable market of the Republic of Vietnam, the "Unсomtech" Holding has very good prospects both for cooperation in the whole electrical power engineering and in the field of nuclear power.

At this technical seminar, other Russian leading companies were present, namely "Isolator", "SVEL" and "Elektroapparat".

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