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UNCOMTECH will take part in the conference "CABLE BUSINESS 2020".
30.09.2020 From October 6 to 9, 2020, two industry exhibitions will be held in St. Petersburg at the Expofoorum Exhibition and Convention Center - the International Exhibition for Shipbuilding and the Development of High-Tech Equipment for the Development of the Arctic and the Continental Shelf OMR 2020 and Energy and Electrical Engineering.

On October 7, the conference "CABLE BUSINESS 2020" will be held on production technologies for modern domestic cable. What product does the manufacturer offer for the market today”.

Deputy General Director of UNCOMTECH Trade House LLC Rumyantsev Evgeniy Aleksandrovich will present at the conference a report “Modern fire-safe, including fire-resistant, low-voltage power cables of the “Military acceptance” quality category.

The objective of the conference is to provide guests and experts with information on the latest developments and production of cable and wire products for the oil and gas sector, energy, as well as for checkpoints used in the Arctic region. To acquaint a potential consumer with the latest developments of the manufacturer, to demonstrate the scientific and technical potential of the Russian cable industry.

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